Welcome to the Diversity of the Costa Brava Sea

Some of the Colourful Costa Brava Marine Life

The Costa Brava (The "Wild" or "Rough Coast") is a coastal region of northeastern Spain, consisting of Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà and Selva, in the province of Girona. The Costa Brava stretches from Blanes, 60 km (37 mi) northeast of Barcelona, to the French border.

In 1998, the coastal towns of the Costa Brava signed a charter, called the Carta de Tossa, which undertook to pursue environmental protection, along with tourism. This recognised the value of the region's wide range of natural habitats and microclimates. The Medes Islands off the coast of L'Estartit are in Spain's first marine reserve and provide a home to a wide range of fish and aquatic flora. The nearby wildfowl reserve on marshlands at Aiguamolls de l'Empordà also saved land from the potential ravages of development.

Marine life is rich and wonderful: groupers, moray eels, conger eels, little barracudas, John Dory, grey and spotted stingrays, lobsters, big scorpionfish, big yellow sponges... This website is dedicated to providing information about the diverse marine life found in the northern part o this amazing coastline, from Cadaques to the cost around the town of Begur. This information and the accompanying photos have been collected during the last 15 years of scientific diving with volunteer divers.